Foundation v11.1 Series #2: Excel Workflow

By Winshuttle Staff Blogger on Apr 21, 2016

The launch of Foundation v11.1 at  SAPPHIRE NOW is generating alot of buzz, and one new feature I am particularly excited about for data stewards is Excel Workflow.

Winshuttle’s Excel workflow brings together your firm’s favorite data manipulation tool Excel, and your favorite tool to update SAP, (Winshuttle!) and merges these with workflow control. This is exciting news for Data stewards because you now have the ability to build solutions that collect data in an organized manner, transform it, and perform checks and approvals before posting data to SAP. This is something many of our customers have been asking for it, and we’ve taken user feedback seriously in orchestrating the improvements in the latest product release.

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The benefit of this Excel workflow model is that it allows an Excel-based form to be set up and available to those who want to create data.  This familiar model can be streamlined with all the Excel features folks know and love, and requests then go through one or several levels of approval before data is posted to SAP. Users can accept, reject and reassign workflow tasks all from the comfort of the familiar Excel ribbon. Winshuttle’s Excel workflow capabilities should make requesters, reviewers, and auditors all very happy.

Stay tuned for the next Foundation v11.1 post that will focus on the new SmartTable capabilities.

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