Foundation v11.1 series #5: UI Improvements

By Winshuttle Staff Blogger on Jun 1, 2016

The evolution of Winshuttle products is continuing with the introduction of Winshuttle Foundation v11.1.  and one of the big changes is the look and feel of the user interface (UI). As this product evolved and new features and functionality were added, the integration with these products evolved differently based on the requirements, user perspectives, and engineers involved in development. It became time to re-evaluate the look and feel of the UI, reformat integration, and modernize the overall user experience.

UI improvements include a brand new Foundation homepage:

Foundation v11 UI sm

Enhanced settings for Runner users:

Foundation v11 UI v2 sm

And much more!

This was a high priority for the Version 11 suite and will hopeful make a big difference to our entire customer base. As Winshuttle Foundation v11.1 is released, keep an eye out for webinars to get a peek at the new UI and learn how to get the most from the new versions of our products.

Stay tuned for the next blog in this series focusing on Foundation v11.1 enhanced data governance capabilities.

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