Foundation v11.1 series #6: Enhanced Data Governance Capabilities

By Jim Barker on Jun 2, 2016

During the last year Winshuttle has put significant focus around data governance and recently published an eBook “How to Build a Dynamic Data Governance Framework” to help Winshuttle customers develop their efforts. One chapter in this eBook discusses the data quality circle which focuses on the idea of proactive and reactive data governance.

data quality circle

Reactive data governance is the ability to run reports on data to identify records that do not meet the needs of the business or ‘business fit.’  With the latest Foundation v11.1 release, there have been new improvements that will help drive out the necessary activities needed to meet reactive governance. Winshuttle Studio has expanded the ability by providing the tools needed to apply transformations in both executing queries and updating SAP through transaction scripts.

We have also improved the ability for Foundation customers to read from and write to SQL Server. The end result of this capability allows you to build queries to extract bad data, edit data in Excel, and then update it with Transaction efficiently.

This illustrates how Winshuttle products are evolving to meet the needs of customers as they focus on data governance and data quality improvement initiatives.

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Jim Barker

Jim Barker is the Director of Product Management – Foundation and thought leader for data governance at Winshuttle. Prior to joining Winshuttle, he was the Director of Data Management at Honeywell ACS and was responsible for the data aspects of a worldwide rollout of SAP at 1,000 plants in 100 countries. Jim has been involved in data warehousing, data migration, data integration, and data governance for over 25 years including writing the Velocity Data Migration Methodology at Informatica when he was the Director of Solutions. He pioneered working in the data warehouse practice at PwC and as an architect at Thomson Legal and Regulatory.

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