Foundation v11.1 series #10: Time to Value

By Winshuttle Staff Blogger on Jul 27, 2016

The last post in the Winshuttle Foundation series is focused around the topic of time-to-value.  Time-to-value is a Winshuttle strategic principle – the more power we provide to the platform, the quicker and easier it is for our customers to develop applications to solve business problems.

Time value of money graph drawn on the chalkboard with a hand holding a chalk

The reason this is important is because many of you are seeing the need to cut costs to increase margins. These cuts are often felt in both IT and business roles, and software companies need to find ways to help customers get their work done while dealing with this paradox.  Winshuttle is focusing all its product development efforts on increasing efficiency for end users and increasing capabilities so developers can do more with less. This joint effort to increase capabilities and improve usability will lead to an increased time to value. Please take a look at Winshuttle Foundation v11.1 and pay close attention to improvements that will help you increase your time to value, including all the new features and capabilities we’ve discussed in this blog series including:


Excel Workflow

SmartTable Technology

New Dashboard Capabilities

UI Improvements

Enhanced Data Governance Capabilities

Composer Performance Improve

Advanced Encryption Functionality

Improved Help Site

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