Friday Features: Script & Template Version Control in User Governance

By Jennifer Hwang on Dec 16, 2016

Our second Friday Features post in the series focuses on controlling the script and template versions that Winshuttle Runners use.  Once a Winshuttle Author creates a new script and template to automate specific SAP functions, these can be reused by any Runners, as needed.  Whether it’s occasional activity such as data conversions or new plant extensions, or common, continuous activities like sales order creations and billing, being able to reuse existing scripts and templates can significantly improve and simplify your SAP data management.

Customers often ask us how to best organize Winshuttle related files, and where to store them. How do you make sure users are using the latest versions with the most recent changes? Most customers tend to apply existing file storage and change management procedures that they have used for other application files. Some use shared drives, SharePoint libraries, or other repositories. However, by using Winshuttle’s latest User Governance platform, file storage and version control are easier than ever.

user governance preferencesWhile  User Governance has always had script version control built-in, you now also have the option to use built-in data template version controls as well. All you need to do is set your preferences and template versioning, and it’s enabled.


user governance run version errorNow when Runner users try to use old data templates that they may have saved to their local PC or that someone sent them using an old version, they won’t be able to use the old version. If they try to run that older template for validations or a Run, the user will be presented with a dialog box telling them they must use the newest version. Say goodbye to the days you had to worry about an old data template sneaking in – it’s no longer possible!


saveversionFrom a script and template authoring standpoint, the Author will be prompted for both the script and related data template, whether they want to create a new version of the file or not. It’s up to the Author to decide whether the script, data template or both should have new versions created.


user governance data template version historyAs always within User Governance, a full history of the file versions, for both scripts and data templates, is maintained. So if the script and template version control has been a challenge, take a look at our latest User Governance platform to ease those burdens.

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