Get to Know the Winshuttle Function Module – Part 3 in a 3 Part Series

By Jennifer Hwang on Sep 30, 2020

Welcome back to the final installment of getting to know the Winshuttle Function Module (WFM). In our first post we went through a bit of history and got a quick overview. Part 2 delved into attachments and long text. Now let’s talk about some custom objects that Winshuttle provides to help better manage your SAP data.

There are times when certain SAP t-codes or certain actions within SAP t-codes are challenging to use with Winshuttle. An example of this is where SAP has not provided a way to easily position onto a particular row to update or it is not possible to repeatedly add new rows of data without overwriting any existing data. In cases like these, the typical alternatives are to use GUI Scripting recording mode or to look for a BAPI or remotely-enabled function module (rFM) that can be used with the Direct module of Winshuttle Studio. With luck, there are existing BAPIs or rFMs available. If not, GUI Scripting recordings end up being your last resort option.

To help avoid some of these last resort options, Winshuttle has created a number of custom rFMs, which are only available as part of the WFM, that can be used for some of these more challenging cases.  In addition, a number of wrapper rFMs have been created to remotely-enable existing rFMs that are normally not remotely-enabled. The Direct module of Winshuttle Studio can only work with remotely-enabled FMs or BAPIs.

To see what custom rFMs are available, it’s easiest to simply do a search in Direct. They will all start with “/WINSHTLQ/” in the name.

/WINSHTLQ/TRN_VENDOR_BANK allows you to easily add, delete, or change bank details in the Payment Transactions view of vendor master data. Within the SAP screen there is no easy way to insert a new row of data while ensuring you are not overwriting existing data. There also is not a way to position a particular row to update. While there is a button to delete bank details, there is not a way to position on the particular row you may want to delete. By using the WFM provided custom vendor rFM, you can easily manipulate the banking data. You can also use the rFM to check whether a bank record exists or not in SAP.

/WINSHTLQ/TRN_FUNC_CUSTOMER provides easy ways to manipulate multiple types of data within customer. It not only allows you to easily add, delete, or change bank details in the Payment Transactions view of customer master data (same challenges as vendor master), but it also provides easy ways to update and delete email addresses, partner functions, and tax classifications.

With email addresses, there is an insert row button and a delete row button, but there’s no way to position on a particular row if you want to delete. By using the customer rFM, you can easily manipulate multiple email addresses.

Another common section in customer master that often needs to be changed is Partner Functions. By using the customer rFM, you can easily add new Partner Functions and delete existing Partner Functions.

With tax classifications, there is no way to position on a particular row to update. By using the customer rFM, you can easily manipulate tax classification data.


/WINSHTLQ/TRN_MT_CLASIFICATION is an upcoming custom rFM that will be part of the 20.0 WFM. It will require that the Studio client is also at the same level. This rFM allows you to easily work with classification data including create, change, delete, get detail, get assigned classes, and get characteristic value lookup details.

That does it for this WFM blog series! We’ve gotten an overview, went deep into the topics of attachments and long text, and finally tackled some hidden gems of the WFM, its custom rFMs. Know that Winshuttle is always enhancing the WFM with additional functionality. Stay up-to-date by referring to the online documentation. As always, happy Winshuttling!


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