What good is big data if it’s all wrong in the first place?

By Winshuttle Staff Blogger on Oct 25, 2012

Every conference I attend is almost guaranteed to have Big Data as a main course on the agenda. The focus is usually on how to manage it once you have it, how to get by with what you’re stuck with, and how in-memory technology can help you access it better. big data 2 sm

My view is, why not get it as clean as possible on the way in?

Winshuttle for Master Data may contain a number of very useful and critical components of data maintenance and data governance, but the basics of it are very straight-forward.

Within minutes I can:

  • Design, create and use an Excel file that will allow me to load hundreds of materials, customers, vendors, prices or other data records in SAP
  • Design, create and use an Excel file that will pull incorrect and incomplete data from SAP, allow me to change it in Excel and allow me to push the changes back to SAP
  • Design, create and run a scheduled extract of SAP data to SharePoint, SQL Server, Access, Excel, Text files or XML

Within days I can:

  • Formulate my controls around which users should be performing extracts and changes to SAP data
  • Design, implement and use a SharePoint-based workflow process that can route my Excel file from person to person, allowing contributors and approvers to be involved in the same workflow process
  • Replace my Excel file with an online form that communicates with SAP to fetch and upload data as and when you design it to
  • Begin to review and refine the templates, forms, workflows and controls I have already implemented

It sounds easy… and in fact, it is. So, what’s the ROI?

  1. Realizing that I have reduced the dependency on specialist skills, such as ABAP development, which could be focused on more critical or bespoke requirements
  2. Processing hundreds or thousands of records in a fraction of the time it usually takes and having a built-in log to tell me how much time I have saved
  3. Reducing the number of errors by validating (performing a test run of) data loads before posting the changes to SAP
  4. Being able to take ownership of the technology much quicker than with conventional methods
  5. Having a platform that is built for change

With the rapid deployment design and the no-programming approach, Winshuttle does offer the quickest path to better SAP master data.

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