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By Winshuttle Staff Blogger on Jul 6, 2012

Customer service represents the image customers have about an organization. We have come to accept poor to non-existent customer service and expect less from phone service, the service we get in stores, etc. It is why many choose to do most of their shopping on-line. Every once in awhile we are impressed by excellent customer service — e.g. we get to the person in the store or on the phone who goes out of their way to solve our issue. It is unfortunate that great service is often the exception instead of the norm. However, I’ve found one company that really gets customer service – Disney. Again and again during my family trip to Disney World I came across not just good service but great service. We got great service from everyone – the concierge to the person selling Mickey Mouse ice cream. Every front-line employee was ready to go out of their way to make our experience exceptional. The following article does a great job outlining how Disney has been so successful with customer service: Eight tips from the Disney customer service play book

My favorite tip is the most popular Disney question: “What time is the 3 o’clock parade?” During our vacation my daughter asked the person selling pins when was the next Belle story-telling time. He could have easily deferred question, “I don’t know, my job is sell pins.” Instead he said “Let me check for you princess,” and he left his stand, walked across park and came back with an answer. This illustrates the most important tip, “the front-line is the bottom line”, every interaction is a moment of truth. Will the customer remember the 99 good interactions or the single bad one?

Again, many of companies have forgotten the experience of good customer service. And often feel that providing only “self-service” is good service. However, companies really wishing to improve their customer service should consider sending their managers to Disney world to experience great customer service. I intend to use Disney experiences to help improve Winshuttle products, services and support.

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