What is so great about Winshuttle Workflow for SAP?

By Winshuttle Staff Blogger on Dec 2, 2011

I’ve had a lot questions about Winshuttle Workflow and why is it different/better than other workflow and Business Process Management (BPM) tools. My answer – It connects the process driven data to SAP without programing. Here’s what I mean…

The functional business groups want more control over its processes. Many processes are cemented in legacy system controlled by IT and/or 3rdparty service provides. The business wants to rapidly change these processes and re-harden them without the traditional cost of custom programming.

In a given business process, there is typically a minimum of three technology layers that need to be changed for that process to be changed: User Interface (UI) layer, Process/Logic layer and Data layer.

User Interface: The user interface is the part of the process that changes the most. Most BPM and workflow solutions provide some UI tools to allow the business groups to create new process UIs. Winshuttle Workflow makes it VERY simple for business groups by leveraging Microsoft Office for authoring both web-based and Excel based UIs. However, it’s not the UI layer that makes Winshuttle unique.

Process/Logic Layer: The process/logic layers changes less frequently than the UI, but it still changes very often. Allowing business groups to graphically author and change process flows is the core of most BPM and workflow tools. Winshuttle Workflow has a very strong 3rdgeneration process modeling tool that is integrated with the UI authoring. Although Winshuttle’s integrated UI and process/logic modeling is a strength compared to other solutions, it is not unique.

Data Layer: The data layer is the lifeline between a process engine and the system of record and changes the least frequently. Winshuttle allows business groups to connect the UI and process/logic layers to the data layer without programing. Allowing business groups to connect all layers is a unique element of Winshuttle Workflow.

There are many workflow and BPM tools that allow business groups to control the UI and process/logic layers which is 90-95% of what they need to solve their process issues. Winshuttle Workflow provide a 100% solution to business groups by connecting the data created by the process back to the system of record (SAP) without requiring ABAP, visual studio, and/or java programming.

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