How to get back time and add value with automation

By Bill Wiseman on Jan 28, 2021

We’ve all heard the cliches around time, “time is of the essence,” “you can’t put a price on time,” “a stitch in time saves nine,” and the list goes one. One thing that rings true is that we can’t control the consumption of time.

As I was working in corporate finance a few years ago, time was viewed as very critical to our ability to manage the fiscal responsibilities every month. We spent a lot of time preparing for closing, then closing and finally re-forecasting based on financial results. Of course, the more efficient we were in these processes the more time we could review actual results and provide more accuracy in our forecasts. All these elements impacted our earnings as well as investor confidence.

Unfortunately, during that time our resources were limited. We had invested in a world class ERP system, SAP. Beyond that, we had very few other solutions to assist in the loading of 1000’s of data points monthly. So how did we counter these obstacles? Generally, by way of manpower, spreadsheets, and a lot of grit and determination. There was no efficient and effective way to collect data, validate data and move data into our ERP system in a timely and efficient manner.

In 2003, Winshuttle introduced a portfolio of solutions focused on solving the needs of our customers and ensuring their success. Winshuttle solutions help customers create accurate data and speed up critical business processes. These core elements allow businesses to drive real time results faster and gain the competitive advantage needed to thrive in this digital economy.

Winshuttle customers have experienced tremendous reduction in business process cycle times achieving and exceeding service level agreement goals. Coca-Cola Hellenic, one of the largest beverage bottlers in Europe, reduced cycle times in Master Data by over 56%. Ascend Performance Materials achieved a 99.9% data accuracy level as well as massive time savings with supply chain automation.

The Winshuttle portfolio of products provide the customer the right solution for the right job.  Studio, the market leader in Excel-to-SAP automation, assists you in creating and modifying thousands of master and transactional records.

Evolve, our flagship automation platform is designed to automate strategic data processes. Designed for business users, Evolve combines workflow automation, data stewardship and deep SAP integration capabilities. Evolve is powerful enough to support complex data processes and agile enough to change as your business processes change.

To manage the diversity across multiple systems, our Enterworks platform is a multi-domain platform used to create and maintain consistent, high quality master data and other critical data. Enterworks gives customers a unique mix of data quality, enrichment, and syndication capabilities.

Although times have changed, Winshuttle remains committed to improving data quality and business processes for our customers, so that they may be successful in their digital transformation efforts. Since our inception, Winshuttle has consistently delivered these industry leading platform capabilities.

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Bill Wiseman

Bill resides in West Palm Beach, FL, with his wife Debbie of 35 years. He has 15 years of Software Presales experience in the SAP ecosystem, the past 10 at Winshuttle and prior to that, 20 years of experience in Public and Private Industry Accounting.

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