How to Shift Your Mind Towards Innovation with Studio v11

By Winshuttle Staff Blogger on Mar 16, 2016

Studio v11 represents a radical departure from some of the old ways and methods that Transaction, Query, Direct and the two Runner products (Query & Transaction) integrated with products like Microsoft Office and SAP. After our First Customer Ship (FCS) release for the Winshuttle User Group conference in Las Vegas last month, we’d like to recap the important differences in Studio v11 and why you should take a long hard look at how you are using the Winshuttle Studio modules today, to understand how you could be using them tomorrow. businessman looking business strategy on wall

Long-time customers know it’s been over 7 years since Studio has had a major face-lift, and will find it even more useful in performance SAP application data management activities. In the years that have passed since the last renewal, we have learned more about how customers use Winshuttle products along with all the weird, wonderful and sometimes wacky ways ABAP developers have written SAP programs. Over the years we shoe horned a number of capabilities into different places in the Winshuttle Transaction and Query UI’s in order to accommodate evolving needs, and launched a distillation product in the form of Direct, for working with SAP API BAPIs and remote enabled Function Modules. This was working well, but we knew we needed to make some radical changes.

For new customers

Studio - a perfect fit for all kinds of SAP application data management, working with Microsoft Office
New customers might not understand or notice updates like the contemporary Microsoft interface of Studio v11 that is aligned with the rest of Microsoft Office, and will hopefully meet market expectations and grow the Studio user community even more. We oftentimes think of innovation as something that others do – product designers, engineers, or scientists. Sometimes innovative approaches may be seen as risky or should be approached with caution. This is because innovation often requires veering from the norm, moving out of the comfort zone and exploring something new and different. When people are asked what they want most in the workplace, answers like “stability”, “predictability” and “a steady state” are common.

Unfortunately work rarely stays static and as we have seen from the product management side of things, customers find things every day that need to be accommodated or need a workaround or request for a product enhancement for a future release. Studio v11 represents a culmination of converged thinking about how SAP customers use Winshuttle products with various data sets like Excel. I would love to suggest that the product is 100% complete, but it will likely continue to evolve. Every day we uncover something more that we can apply to the SAP application data management experience and every day we have to make a hard decision about what value a new feature or capability might bring to the customer. I believe that Studio v11 represents a significant opportunity for new and existing customers to take SAP application data management to an entirely new level.

For existing customers Winshuttle-Studio-11-Logo

The good news is that for customers that currently use 10.x products, everything that 10.x can do with a Connect license is possible with 11.0. Scripts developed with 10.x will be wholly usable with 11.0 and can be further maintained, so there’s no need to record new scripts, build new queries, etc. If you’re uncertain about whether to make the wholesale shift to Studio v11, you can install it alongside your 10.x version and continue to run 10.x or 11.0. There is only one thing to consider when having both products installed – because the Excel add-ins of 10.x and 11.0 are incompatible with each other, you will have to decide which one you want to use. My personal recommendation: Go with the the Studio v11 add-in for your Runners. Studio v11 simplifies the use of 10.x scripts for Query and Transaction and provides a much easier to use interface.

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