HR Hacks: Streamline Your Hiring Processes With Winshuttle

By Tiffani Marsing on Apr 27, 2015

Hiring is an essential task for any Human Capital Management organization, in any company regardless of size. In the world of SAP, it’s not as simple as filing a resume, application and/or employee paperwork in a drawer and focusing on the new recruit. With SAP, there’s always data entry involved; a lot of data entry. This entry is split across multiple infotypes in SAP, many of which only have 1-2 fields required out of 20 or more on the screen. This can lead to incorrect data and a need to train and retrain HR staff on an ongoing basis. Incorrect data is no small issue in the HR world, as it can cause a multitude of issues downstream with regard to payroll processing and financial records. Frustrated businesswoman with a laptop in front of her - isolated on white

There are many ways that Winshuttle can improve HR functions, the first of which is in the collection of the data itself. If you choose either Excel or a web form as the user front end, you can collect and route data with ease, ultimately pushing the data directly to SAP. This allows less hands keying and rekeying information, which results in greater accuracy in SAP. You’ll also maintain proper audit trails and ownership of data throughout the process. You also have the ability to hide sensitive attributes like Social Security Numbers, only unmasking the information when appropriate.

The second improvement comes when it’s time to hire the employee into SAP. Utilizing WInshuttle, you can rest assured all infotypes are created (foreground and background), all data is accurate to both SAP requirements and business requirements, and you can perform live validation on the data prior to routing the request and/or posting to SAP. Other features include sending notifications to all affected parties to close the loop on downstream processing in Payroll and beyond. Overall, this reduces the time from start to finish in your hiring process, ensuring accuracy in SAP.

Winshuttle can help with each of your individual hiring actions to save time and increase accuracy. We understand that hiring will sometimes happen on a grander scale, as with seasonal hiring and mergers and acquisitions. The time savings you will experience hiring a single person is multiplied exponentially when hiring en masse.

Don’t take my word for it. We’ve found that our customers are saving, on average, around 200 seconds per hire. So, if it takes me 5 minutes to run through a hire action manually, it only takes Winshuttle one minutes and 40 seconds to do the same. If we multiply that by 1000, we would save almost two and a half full days! Imagine all of the things you could do with that kind of time – like shifting focus back to a company’s greatest asset, the employee.

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Tiffani Marsing

Tiffani Marsing is a Pre-Sales Solution Engineer and has worked at Winshuttle for going on 5 years. She especially loves talking about Human Resources as this was her SAP area of responsibility in a previous life. When not working, she enjoys spending time in the great outdoors with her husband and dogs, preferably at a beach. Fun fact, she was once an offensive/defensive lineman for the Seattle Majestics: a full contact, professional women’s football team!

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