Insights from the SAPInsider SCM/PLM show in Orlando

By Nichelle Williams on Dec 6, 2018

What a week I had in Orlando at the SAPInsider SCM/PLM Conference. The weather was cooler than normal but the energy inside the show was turned up.

I was pleased to see a variety of topics in the session agenda offering real solutions for improving SAP® processes and new ideas for the future of Supply Chain. One of those sessions, led by a Winshuttle customer from Louisiana Pacific (LP), a building materials manufacturer, demonstrated how they’ve streamlined and digitized their product management processes.

This session was a highlight for me, so I thought I’d share some key take-aways:

Lisa Mackin, IT Manager for Master Data and System Integration, is a Six Sigma Master Black Belt, so the drive to improve processes is second nature. LP has over 25 plants throughout the world, and they were striving to make their product management processes more efficient. Some of the challenges they were facing included:

  • Multiple groups were involved which led to:
    • Long lead times
    • Missed steps
    • Email communication – No audit trail
  • Materials were used before fully set up and this caused issues:
    • Invoicing errors
    • Couldn’t release costs until the 1st of next month
  • They had three business units with different rules led to incomplete or incorrect data

With the help of Winshuttle’s ROI calculator, LP was able to project real value, and gained approval to move forward with the Winshuttle platform.

A project plan was created with requirements, owners, and deadline dates. The result was really cool – they went from a chaotic, informal approval process with no audit trail and lots of errors to a streamlined, simple process that reduced cycle times, was completely automated, had correct data, and was easy to use. In her session, Lisa walked through how it was all set up using Winshuttle. She shared the results they have seen so far, including:

  • Reduced cycle time
  • Materials fully set up with correct data
  • Audit trail of requests and approvals
  • BOM & Rate Routings deleted when material is deleted

It was also really exciting to see the number of people who come by the Winshuttle booth after Lisa’s presentation to learn more about what LP did and how they did it. If you’re also ready to learn more, check out how Winshuttle can help improve your product launch processes and plant maintenance operations.

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Nichelle Williams

Nichelle is Winshuttle Events Manager, handling all customer and marketing events for the company, primarily in North America. She is passionate about helping customers connect through events to share best practices and network. She also enjoys introducing Winshuttle software to people who have a need to make their SAP processes more efficient.

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