Introducing the SAP ERP Workflow (Kitchen Sink Included)

By Winshuttle Staff Blogger on Jun 29, 2015


Photo by Dean Hochman [CC Attribution 2.0]

While it would be wonderful to consider SAP as the sole system of record, the nexus of all business transactions and the ultimate environment for IT to focus their development and support efforts, the reality is that for many businesses, SAP is not the holy grail of systems. It’s not where IT goes for all data management and business activities.

In fact, I would float a guess that less than half of all SAP environments run SAP Workflow for managing interactions with the system and making decisions on a large scale. Many businesses still rely very heavily on email and written notifications and approvals.

Many companies have various other workflow tools and choosing SAP workflow in addition to their existing workflow tool doesn’t always make sense in terms of development cost and maintenance effort. While it’s possible to find ABAP resources that are skilled in developing SAP business workflows,  a business Workflow designer is typically the specialist.

We must understand that most workflow implementations are pretty rigid and inflexible. As a consequence, most business users thoroughly hate them, and actually prefer the loose arrangement that emails and paper afford them.

Business users hate workflows even more when they are developed with follow up or run up escalations if you don’t respond to events or tasks in a timely fashion.

If the mechanistic behavior of the workflow is combined with a cumbersome UI and drudgery of work, you receive an even lower level of enthusiasm for SAP workflow adoption.

The repercussion for some organizations with deep pockets is that there is an added investment in technologies to surface SAP workflows in environments like mobile devices, SharePoint, Outlook and even in the next generation of SAP usability applications like Fiori.

Winshuttle Foundation presents a different set of opportunities for businesses to interact with SAP and other systems of record.  For situations where custom workflows are required, along with automatic postings to ERP systems, Winshuttle Foundation can be provided as an accelerated way to add workflow, governance and compliance to business processes that have SAP as a part or the end-point.

Winshuttle Foundation includes a workflow Designer that is intuitive and easy to use and allows you to incorporate existing and new Winshuttle Studio scripts with Excel templates or web forms according to your requirements.

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