Lean IT: Improving SAP Data Quality through Lean Data Management

By Winshuttle Staff Blogger on May 28, 2015

Trillions are spent on enterprise technology solutions like SAP ERP, yet it’s surprising to learn that very little thought is given to building and deploying flexible applications. Technology that regurgitates bad information is ineffective, and can ultimately only lead to poor results. To avoid becoming part of this statistic, let’s take a closer look at an effective alternative solution called Lean IT. Lean IT is a solution based on lean principles that can avoid plagued data in your ERP system – which can lead to mistrust in the system and drastic decision making. If poor data quality becomes a looming issue in your ERP system, chances are users will flock to other resources like spreadsheets, stand-alone databases, pay-per user cloud-based apps,  and in-house solutions developed outside of IT that can build up additional layers of anonymous technology in the ERP system.

How do the concepts of Lean IT Work?

Mike Orzen, coauthor of the book Lean IT: Enabling and Sustaining Your Lean Transformation, has been practicing the principles of lean for over 20 years, and applying the concepts of lean to IT for over a decade. In his recent white paper, Applying the Principles of Lean IT to Data ManagementLean IT, Quality Data, and Extracting Value from SAP, Mike addresses the challenges and consequences of running a business with bad data, and ways to achieve high quality ERP management, using the principles of lean IT.

What are the benefits of implementing Lean IT?

“Using Winshuttle, based on 2014 volume for 2015 we should be saving 2,631 hours in time savings just with one refund form!” – Diane Hamelin, Manager, Process Improvement, Canada Post


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Watch Mike Orzen’s recent ASUG webcast, Driving SAP Continual Process Improvement leveraging Lean IT Principles. Lean IT, Quality Data – Driving more Value from SAP, to receive insight on the benefits of applying the principles of Lean IT to data management. Learn how companies like Canada Post are benefiting from lean IT by utilizing Winshuttle, and driving time to value in SAP by automating core business processes through lean application development.

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