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By Bernard Haddad on Aug 14, 2014

some unique features to simplify objects creation

Winshuttle Studio for Salesforce

Let’s say you are an account executive using Salesforce while you are travelling for work. What are your options if you need to update your sales activity? 

It would be easier to download your accounts into MS Excel to document your activity, comments and next steps. 

However, how are your going to update your contacts and activities when you return to the office ?

Are you honestly going to re-type all of your data, copy and paste task by task, contact by contact?  You could submit a request to your IT department to create a program to upload your activity from your spreadsheet into Salesforce. The downside to taking this action is that your IT department may be too busy to even respond to your request.   

Or maybe you have a large opportunity with a lot of products and you need to make changes, adding some products, changing quantities, modifying the line discount, etc. And you would like to check the discounts in this product category, and then you change your mind and want to modify this and that.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to download the full detailed opportunity and play with it in Excel, before …well before retyping it all again???

You are probably thinking: Maybe IT can do something for me, since this is such a large opportunity and I have several more.

Stop asking IT for these small programs, they don’t have time for that!

When business users are empowered to manage their data locally, they stumble upon solutions that save them time, and ultimately become more productive. We have found this to be true for our thousands of SAP users across the world. Excel is still the tool of choice for many users when they want to manipulate data, make some simulations or prepare the data before upload.

This is why we are positive that there are many more use cases for Salesforce users, for example:

  • Building or updating quotes
  • Managing price books for promotions
  • Managing territories if they are changing often

To empower our customers, we built Winshuttle Studio for Salesforce to relieve IT and Salesforce administrators from all of the data manipulation requests coming from the business Salesforce users.

Winshuttle Studio for Salesforce enables non-technical users to easily and quickly move data between Microsoft Excel and Salesforce. By offering a familiar data interface, end users can update and extract Salesforce data from Excel.

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