Look for the helpers

By Sigrid Kok on Aug 20, 2020

When things get tough, Mr Rogers always told the children: “Look for the helpers.”   As an adult, especially during busy or challenging times, I still look for the helpers.  These days the helpers may be your family, your friends, your community or your team & colleagues at work.

When we’re all stretched, we need to look for helpers even more to get things done.  We can use a delivery service for groceries, hire help to take care of our yards or children and we look for creative ways to offload work, especially when working from home.  In business, the helpers can also be applications and platforms that help you get your work done, faster, smarter, more accurately

If you’re used to using Winshuttle Studio to automate your SAP interactions, you know it can help you get your work done more efficiently and more quickly.  If you work with volumes of data or need to schedule a repetitive task, you can leverage server-side processing to free up your desktop/laptop to do other work by offloading your Winshuttle script execution using:

All three platforms allow you to execute Winshuttle scripts on a server, including scheduling to:

  • Run our Winshuttle script off hours to keep both our desktop and SAP running quickly for other tasks during business hours
  • Setup recurring script execution for Query extractions – for analytical and operational reports, as well as data to review and potentially update.
  • Monitor jobs through the server-based interface
  • Apply additional governance through roles and policies

The benefits:

  • Working from home – no need to be logged in 24/7, no worries about slow wifi, and run from inside the firewall in a more secure way
  • Preserve SAP performance during business hours – schedule to post and extract during off hours
  • Timeliness – load data quickly, getting data right the first time and avoid issues caused by bad data
  • Schedule refreshes of data sources – used by your teams for Forms/Workflow and/or for reporting from a SQL database.

It doesn’t matter what SAP functional area you are in, it’s likely Winshuttle can help you automate:

  • Your postings, such as journal entries during period close, price updates to stay competitive, new product introduction, M&A activity, migration from legacy systems or ECC to S/4Hana to name a few.
  • Your extractions for data quality reviews, auditing, operational reporting and analysis.

Over 2,400 companies and 25,000 users in every industry have used Winshuttle as their helper to get their jobs done more quickly and easily.  Consider using server-based execution to take it to the next level.  And during these challenging times, consider not only looking for a helper, but being that helper.

If you want to learn more, watch our WUGinar: Why Server Based Execution is a Game Changer.

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Sigrid Kok

Sigrid Kok is a Principal Solutions Engineer at Winshuttle, residing in the San Francisco By Area. Prior she has worked for companies like SAP and IBM in their SAP practice. She has been in technical sales for over 20 years, and also has experience in product management and IT.

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