Make the most of your summer—save time by automating common master data tasks

By Jeanette Mifsud on Jul 14, 2017

For those of you who live in the Northern reaches of our planet, you know how fleeting summer can be. If like a lot of us here at Winshuttle, you live in the Pacific Northwest there are years when summer’s not just fleeting it’s practically nonexistent. That’s why around here when the sun’s out I do my best to be out there enjoying every last ray.

One of the ways I enjoy our brief summer with my dog Raven–nicknamed Ray Ray (no pun intended).

So how can Winshuttle help you get your job done faster so you can get more time to enjoy the summer? Well, that’s what our upcoming webinar on July 25th is all about.

But given that summer’s well underway and the sun clock is ticking, here’s a sneak peak of what you can learn by tuning in on the 25th:

  • Power through data maintenance tasks with Excel – Discover how easy it is to use Excel for speeding up common master data updates in SAP—items like prices, part numbers, master recipes and sales text.
  • Create new master data records faster with digitized workflows – Learn how to dramatically reduce the time it takes to create new material, vendor, customer, and finance records by automating the entire process using web forms and workflows. No more manual data entry or hours wasted finding out who still owes data.
  • Extend master data to new areas in a jiffy – Extending master data to new plants, sales , storage locations or such like doesn’t have to be a slow, tedious and manual process. Learn how you can use Excel or web forms to quickly extend your master data and get through your day faster.

Here are a few data points to set the stage on how much time you can save in some common master data areas:



This data is based on how much time our customers save on average by automating these transactions. These numbers are just for the data entry piece. Imagine how many free hours in the sun this could translate into for your job!

I’ll be presenting at the webinar with my colleague Jennifer Hwang, who’ll be doing some great live demos of these time-saving solutions. We’ll be there to answer your questions and help you get on the road to a more productive and less stressed version of you. After all, everyone deserves to kick back and enjoy the summer while it lasts.

Want to get started saving time now? We’d be happy to set up a web meeting with our team here to get the ball rolling.

I look forward to meeting you online soon, or maybe even on the beach. Aloha from the sunny (for now) Pacific Northwest!

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Jeanette Mifsud

Jeanette leads the product marketing team at Winshuttle and has over 25 years experience helping technology companies define and market products that solve real-world problems for customers around the globe. Although based in our Bothell, WA headquarters, Jeanette hails from the UK.

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