Monitoring the Pulse and Rhythm of Your Business

By Winshuttle Staff Blogger on Aug 11, 2014


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Athletes know it’s important to constantly monitor their vital signs, manage pulse rates and breathing to optimize for peak performance.

Business managers also know that the business also has a daily pulse and periodic rhythm. To optimize financial performance the vital signs must be measured and analysed in the business just as they are in athletic sports. To do this you need the right tools for capturing the vital signs and the right tools for analyzing them.

Where an athlete would turn to a heart rate monitor the financial accounting team recognize the importance of maintaining comprehensive data in the accounting system to perform appropriate analysis of operational performance, grow the business and keep ahead of competition.

Capturing all the necessary vital signs can be a significant challenge for business along with the other marathons of buying, making and selling products and services. If SAP is your core accounting system them you’re well aware of just how much data it needs to be fed in order to be useful.

Products and services organizations have the same challenges

Whether your business is a services or a products organization or one that has many or few systems it’s important to be aware that if you have little or no integration between systems then it’s difficult to have a full physiological view of how your business is doing.

Conceptually it could be as bad as having lungs that are not connected to your heart.

While one part of the business may be functioning perfectly, another may be experiencing duress and the lack of unified visibility of this fact in the SAP ERP could result in you misdiagnosing how the business is performing.

The good news is that you don’t necessarily need to invest in expensive custom integration for every aspect of your business. With the Transaction component of Winshuttle Studio you can quickly create automation without needing to make any changes to your core backend ERP system and without having to wait for IT to deliver you a custom automation program.

Thousands of SAP customers already use Winshuttle Studio’s “no programming” approach to building integration between systems from commonly used environments like Excel, Access and SharePoint.

Winshuttle Studio not only allows you to upload and maintain the vital sign data in SAP of how your disparate systems are functioning, it also allows you to extract key data with it’s simple Winshuttle Query function which allows you to join up to 25 tables in SAP and extract live ERP data for on-the-fly business performance monitoring.


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