NatSteel Improves SAP Master Data, Reducing Material Creation Process by 30%!

By Winshuttle Staff Blogger on Mar 23, 2015

Now that we are well into 2015 – it might be an ideal time to take a quick breather and reflect on progress made over the last 12-24 months and also look ahead to the excitement in store for the remainder of this year.

What is so exciting you say? Well, it’s getting very interesting to see how SAP application teams are evolving their SAP business processes.  Simply put, it’s really cool to see how our customers are reporting significant dividends with these implementations.

I recently received a case study from one of our customers NatSteel, highlighting their achievements in improving SAP master data.  Based in Singapore, NatSteel recently tackled a challenging situation relating to master data reentry, missing fields and lack of bi-directional integration with SAP.  Leveraging Winshuttle Foundation, NatSteel’s material inquirers can now request a new material with an InfoPath form, push a button which automatically routes the request through a series of approvals, and finally ends with the data steward team who reviews and clicks a button to upload the master data to SAP.  An automatic confirmation email is then sent to the requester and life is good. Net benefit: How about a 30% reduction in processing resource? winshuttle-future-r

But here’s the real punch line – every single step in the process is monitored with SLAs established, so bottlenecks in the workflow process can be rapidly identified and mitigated. No more chasing paper, email threads a mile long, etc. There is an end to end audit trail and detailed metrics for every single material requested in the system.  This is the secret sauce for the data management team – now they have real data to back up their KPIs and SLAs. Justin Tan, VP of Procurement at NatSteel, goes on to say “Our material request process is more streamlined.  We’ve achieved better data validation and integration across our SAP material master data process.”

Stay tuned for another customer success story with our friends at Pactiv/Reynolds Consumer – I hope you too are excited about this coming year!

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