New insights related to “SAP process improvement forecasting”

By Winshuttle Staff Blogger on Jan 3, 2014

With 2013 winding down, our product marketing team had an opportunity to analyze usage trends leveraging insights gained from Winshuttle transaction logs. This process entails analyzing and segmenting SAP transactions by industry using metrics such as transaction complexity and time savings to highlight given process improvement candidates.  Now we are able to take it one step further – by leveraging, date aggregation and industry segmentation – we are starting to see a seasonal trend of usage for transactions by industry.  For example, MM01 and MM02 spike hard in July and December timeframes overall.  But as you drill down, you start to see that companies in the apparel & footwear industry segment tend to spike in the January and August timeframe – possibly indicating new product preparation for upcoming retail buying seasons.  By being able to improve your “process forecasting” – think now how you can proactively identify process candidates, prioritize them, and update them with the goal to get your company in a better position to adapt to ever changing market conditions.

Process, People, and TechnologyEven more exciting is leveraging that new found knowledge related to seasonality and related “capacity enablement” to enable significant revenue generating opportunities. Think about it – the ability to forecast and quickly adapt to market opportunities faster than your competition!  For example, we just published a case study where Pactiv, a major manufacturer of containers and storage components, cut their product creation from 28 days to 2 hours – which is great from a productivity perspective but an even more powerful benefit is the ability to respond more quickly to market opportunities for their products.  The net result of this was over $30M in annual revenues associated with the ability to rapidly respond to market opportunities.

Netting it out – correlating transaction usage to industry and time/date detail is providing deeper insights into how Winshuttle clients are leveraging SAP to get better, and faster, data management solutions into play on a seasonal basis.   Going forward, our product marketing team will be working on a series of reports and queries that will deliver insightful data related to median time savings by industry and transaction.  So if you are in the Aerospace and Defense industry, you can compare your SAP transaction activity to others in your industry. This should assist you to identify opportunity areas where Winshuttle can deliver significant productivity improvements.  And with that new found productivity – now you can be a HERO by identifying business innovations resulting from SAP process improvement forecasting…

So here’s a question for you – what are your “process forecasting” plans for 2014?  Post a reply – I’d be happy to share some seasonal data that may be able to help you improve your forecasting!

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