New Product Introduction Survey Results Are In – And They Might Surprise You

By Winshuttle Staff Blogger on Nov 8, 2017

When it comes to launching new products, manufacturers need to deliver at unprecedented levels of speed and scale – but often experience challenges with launch processes that are costly and can affect your product go-live. Does this sound familiar to you?

Winshuttle recently interviewed over 120 industry leading manufacturing professionals involved in the product launch process to learn more about common challenges and areas where many organizations see room for improvement. The results were actually quite surprising – and whether you’re responsible for a line of products or in a supply chain, IT or master data role, this report is a great way to learn what your peers are doing and planning to do when it comes to their New Product Introduction (NPI) or product launch processes. Here are a few interesting insights from the full survey:

75% of respondents are under pressure to get products to market faster

New Product IntroductionThe majority of manufacturing professionals across industry segments said they were under pressure to launch products faster and scale their operations. We were actually surprised this number wasn’t higher as this is clearly a widespread initiative across industries. In today’s competitive landscape, getting your products on the shelves days, weeks or even months earlier can not only yield incremental revenue but also give you a first-to-market advantage, and allow you to win short lead-time.

51% of respondents are still using manual processes

Over half of those surveyed are using manual processes to launch new products – and 37% said they are living in TOTAL manual mode, without any streamlined processes. We come across customers in this situation every day — even though a product launch is a big, complex process that involves multiple SAP master data objects, thousands of data fields, and from experience at least eight departments. If your organization is still using manual launch processes – which processes do you think could benefit from automation?

60% of respondents said their launch processes were too slow

So we know the vast majority of manufacturers need to get products to market faster, but there are a few speed bumps that prevent them from speeding up their launch — and not just companies who are using manual launch processes. The number one challenge identified with organizations’ current NPI process was the fact that the process is too slow, and the second was a lack of process visibility.

These were just a few of the insight uncovered in our New Product Introduction survey – check out the full report to gain a better understanding of how you stack up against your peers, and how you can start accelerating your product launches.

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