The New Winshuttle.COM – First thoughts

By on Feb 14, 2011

We launched our new website over a week ago, and while we have had the odd hiccup, generally things have gone smoothly. I thought I’d do a quick overview, share some data and also first results and impressions.

The new site is considerably larger and more detailed than the previous site. We went from around 50,000 words to over 500,000, and more than tripled the number of pages, so as you can imagine, administrating the site is key. We invested in some serious hardware, bandwidth, and software to help with that and all that investment is bearing fruit. Our load times have at least halved, and editing and maintaining the site is considerably easier.

With the considerable increase in content, we now have a lot more SAP-related information and we have seen the number of search terms that we rank for has increased by over 25%. We also launched a series of product introduction videos and these seem to be well liked and watched by visitors. This has lead to increased visits and time on site, but we need to see this data continue before we can declare a trend.

For terms and content where we have always been strong such as SAP and Excel, describing SAP Modules such as SAP FICO and SAP MM, our rankings have also improved and many more visitors and now hitting our detailed pages.

We’ll continue to add content of all media types to the site. Good content is what our users and prospects want, and it also translates to a better website from Google’s perspective too! It will be interesting to see where the key stats settle, but that will take a little while. More news as it happens. We are now building the French and German site, so there’s a lot still to do.

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