The Next Generation of Salesforce

By Bill Wiseman on Jun 7, 2017

When you hear the name ‘Salesforce’, you typically think of a powerful enterprise based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. Salesforce has been in business for nearly 30 years, providing thousands of customers with a Cloud based solution to manage sales and customer related activities. Winshuttle for Salesforce

They’ve broadened their enterprise approach to deliver a digital commerce experience to create and manage customers, partners, and employees, and provide an integration to various forms and sources of data.  The strategy for Salesforce App development is to allow businesses to connect all of their data, and leverage applications through proprietary code and API connections.

Organizations attempting to automate business processes must create and deploy applications expeditiously to the business, while integrating multiple data sources, managing policies and rules, implementing validation, and maintaining security. Although Salesforce provides these tools, the connection between the systems of record require extensive development and resources.

Enter Winshuttle for Salesforce

Today organizations need to manage an overwhelming amount of data. They also need to reduce the number applications they’re managing, to improve efficiencies in across the business and IT, and reduce the burden on IT by reducing programming and developing requests.

Winshuttle provides customers out of the box integration with SAP and Salesforce. Winshuttle is an application data management solution that allows customers to easily collect, validate and move data between various systems of records. Our customers can quickly deploy solutions and expose them to a variety of user interfaces. Winshuttle allows you to automate business processes, add rule-based forms and workflow, view and monitor processes and manage usage via policies and procedures while maintaining system security and providing auditing capability.

Salesforce customers can extract, change and update data in their core CRM system via Winshuttle Studio. Winshuttle provides a very agile enterprise approach to connecting SAP and Salesforce and eliminates the need for IT programming by empowering the business to manage its resources more effectively.

Winshuttle provides thousands of customers with application data management solutions to streamline business processes. Rapid return on investment is evident as Winshuttle automates the creation and change of millions of data records. Winshuttle customers integrate data sources, ensure validity and security of data and systems, and reduce the burden of data management. For more information about Winshuttle solutions and to see how our customers are automating processes in SAP and Salesforce, check out our resource center for case studies, customer interviews and more.

About the author

Bill Wiseman

Bill Wiseman is Sr. Solution Engineer at Winshuttle where he has worked since 2010. A Financial Subject Matter expert, Bill has over 13 years of experience in the Enterprise Software Industry as a Presales Engineer and over 20 years of Public Accounting and Private Accounting tenure, including industry experience in Mining, Mill Products and Consumer goods.

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