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Sep 2, 2010 · Vikram Chalana

Winshuttle in the Tornado

The year 2010 feels like such a major turning point for Winshuttle — now headed in an amazing new direction. There have been so many things converging for our company in this year: our expansion into Germany, the launch of the Winshuttle 10 suite of products with several new solutions, the enormous interest in the Winshuttle “Enterprise”, the signing of several record-sized deals, our move toward becoming an SAP usability platform, and the business value assessment tools which show enormous ROIs for our customers — all of these events are creating a palpable excitement within our company. It seems like... Read more

Sep 1, 2010 · Clinton Jones

FCS of Winshuttle 10

Here in Product Development we’re getting ready for the exciting first customer shipments of the Winshuttle 10 suite of applications which will include some interesting new loop solutions that are going to be of particular interest to FICO, MM and Master Data Management. In fact users across almost all SAP modules will find something interesting and useful in this new release. New capabilities will include the ability to leverage the BAPI and Remote enabled Function Modules of SAP with Winshuttle TRANSACTION and even publish a TRANSACTION script as a Web service in the form of a wsdl.