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Jan 13, 2011 ·

Winshuttle customer survey results

Every year we send out a survey to all the Winshuttle users. What has been great in the past is that we get a really good response with a lot…


Dec 17, 2010 · Winshuttle Staff Blogger

Bremerhaven Adventures

This week, I visited our German sales and support office in Bremerhaven, Bremen, Germany. If you are not familiar with Bremerhaven, it is located on the harbor where the Weser…


Dec 14, 2010 · Winshuttle Staff Blogger

Pervasive Innovation

As the world gets flatter and flatter with technological advancements, economies are increasingly embracing the collaborative mode of working. ‘When the world starts to move from a primarily vertical (command…


Dec 9, 2010 ·

What are “SAP people” searching for?

As we build our the next generation site – it’s coming along nicely, thanks – we’ve been revisiting some old research we did around SAP-centric keywords and what terms…