Are you planning to upgrade to Winshuttle Studio v11?

By Winshuttle Staff Blogger on Oct 26, 2016

Winshuttle Studio v11 was released at the WUG year, and we have seen an increasing number of customers making the switch from older versions to this new version. As is to be expected, a lot of questions have come up as more users consider a move to Winshuttle Studio v11. With a migration in mind, I thought I would review a few important aspects of v11 compared with older versions. I also would like to point out some resources you have at your disposal to find any additional unanswered questions. winshuttle-studio-11-logo

Studio as a single desktop product

Studio v11 represents a major overhaul of the desktop products. Studio v11 has consolidated the functionality of Transaction, Query, Direct and Runner into a single application. You no longer need to install different products for different functions – you can simply install one product and you’re done! With one single product, you gain the benefit of simply switching to new functionality when a different license is assigned to you.

This means that if you are only a Runner user or just a Transaction Author, when you move to a Studio author license the application reveals additional functionality like Transaction recording, Query building and BAPI distillation among others.

Legacy support

Winshuttle has put a lot of effort into investing in new features and capabilities that make scripts run faster, push and pull data faster and enhance data quality and validation options. There is also extended functionality like long text and attachment handling. These new capabilities often help you avoid having to use a second script or obviate the need for gui scripting. As part of this transition to Studio v11, we’ve kept existing customers top of mind, and as a result, Studio v11 supports what we refer to as ‘legacy mode scripting.’ Legacy mode support denotes scripts that were developed in v10.x and older. You can expect all your scripts developed with v10.x  to work in Studio v11. Scripts developed prior to v10.x should also work, although there are some known issues with specific edge cases.

Evaluate Studio v11 in parallel using 10.x

Winshuttle StudioI strongly encourage you to take a look at deploying Studio v11 in a pilot on an environment of your choosing. If  you are using Connect mode licensing, you can easily download and deploy Studio v11 alongside your existing v10.x  installation and test v10.x scripts. Take advantage of the new features by upgrading to the newer Winshuttle Function Module (WFM) today.

If you have a great story around your recent adoption of Studio v11 we would love to hear about it. Read more about upgrading in the Winshuttle Help FAQ or contact

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