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By Winshuttle Staff Blogger on Mar 6, 2014

Collaborating with SPC AttendeesMy third day at the SPC14 proved to be the most productive. I met with several people whom either knew about Winshuttle or simply wanted to learn more. Our conversations were a sharing of ideas and thoughts on the new SharePoint announcements and news. During an hour and half long executive round table discussion, I got a chance to listen how other users; including executives and IT Pros, are affected by SharePoint challenges.


The sprawling Venetian large screens displayed 3 topics: Business, Trends and Challenges and invited attendees to join. Led by a Microsoft facilitator, I chose to participate in the “Challenges with Remote Work and Mobile”. While mobile use was part of the discussion we focused on the notion of ‘single point of truth’. For one executive in finance, she found it difficult to maintain current, up-to-date information in Yammer, as well as a SharePoint workspace and email. Since the nature of her industry, floating Excel spreadsheets via email to different staff members was cumbersome. While the goal of the group discussion was not to provide a solution, we were able to share ideas on how to maintain proper communication and usage policies as they relate to our jobs and SharePoint.

Challenges with Remote Work and MobileIn a separate SAP session, it was announced that Microsoft, SAP and OpenText are partnering to offer OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Solutions! I found the lively Q&A session that followed the announcement to be a major highlight. Many passionate audience members were quick to point out shortcomings or misunderstandings of the Extended ECM features. It’s apparent that there’s a different kind of fervor with SAP and SharePoint users, than just your standard SharePoint user. In the end, it led to many meaningful offline discussions about possible solutions.

As the SharePoint Conference draws to a close, I look forward to hearing your feedback or impressions. You can reach me on Twitter (@esmoore01).

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