Quit Firefighting – Adopt a Lean Approach to ERP Data Management

By Winshuttle Staff Blogger on Jun 25, 2015

In our current business environment, we are surrounded by mass amounts of ERP data, (both master and transactional) and we run our business operations around it. We assume all this data doesn’t need extra care, and is ready to use. We believe our processes will run perfectly without any additional effort. We are very naive if we fall into this trap.

When you check the source of your business issues, you’ll soon realize that most of them have one thing in common: dirty ERP data. The reality is our ERP data is a living, breathing fire; a fire that needs to be monitored, and controlled. If it isn’t controlled, the fire will spiral quickly, creating a disaster in its wake and forcing us to scramble to put it out. Fire on a black background

How many times have you arrived on a Monday morning only to embark in a week full of unexpected fires that you need to suffocate just to keep the business running? At the same time, your manager asks you to improve the SLAs (Service Level Agreements) and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) of your processes, all of course, without an additional budget. How are you going to run the business more efficiently, with all those little fires growing and destroying everything?

Maybe you are dedicating too much time to suffocating those fires, when you should really be working towards preventing them. At the end of the day, the best fire is the one that doesn’t start at all. Like the ancient mariner surrounded by all that water that he couldn’t drink, you are indeed surrounded by all that data, with all those errors lying under the surface. If you use the data as is, you run the risk of creating more fires, ones that will require more time to suffocate than the time it would take you to fix their root issues with the right tools.

So next time you’re firefighting all those unexpected business process issues, take some time to think about the root of the problem. Leave the firefighting to the professionals at the firefighting brigade, and focus on resolving the real root of the issue; the quality of your data. This is the most efficient solution,  and if you’re looking for the right tools, Winshuttle is the perfect platform to help you apply lean techniques and keep your ERP processes streamlined and aligned with the requirements of your business.

With Winshuttle, you can quickly and easily fix the data root issues of your business:

  • Start by “cleaning all the stuff” with mass operations to remove all errors in your master data, quickly and efficiently.
  • Continue by rapidly implementing workflow processes to ensure that the new data is created correctly in your system so you keep the current “clean status.”
  • Get into the “lean way of life” by embracing continuous improvement in all of your processes to keep them streamlined and aligned with the new business requirements.

Stop living like a firefighter 24/7 and create a healthier environment where you only worry about your business operations and decisions; leave the firefighting to the professionals…

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