Are You Ready for Another SAPPHIRE NOW?

By Jennifer Hwang on Apr 10, 2015

tradeshow-imagesAs my sixth personal SAPPHIRE NOW is quickly approaching, I am preparing myself with healthy food, vitamins, and most importantly, comfortable shoes!  At my first SAPPHIRE NOW, I was blown away by the size and spectacle of the conference. Did you know that the show floor covers nearly 16 football fields?! I’d only seen things like this on TV, so to experience something of that magnitude in person was overwhelming, and at times terrifying. I was in the same building as the former VP of the United States! That year our booth was smaller and our product offerings were strictly in the desktop space. At that time, Query was our hot new thing! Five years later, Winshuttle has grown leaps and bounds, at a pace that always boggles my mind. We continue to add and improve on our enterprise solution offerings to make all of the SAP users out there into heroes. This year, one of our main areas of focus is bringing our offerings onto our Cloud platform.


Our booth this year will be our biggest and best ever, and we’ll continue to greet you with our giant Brushy! Join our MicroForum discussion on Wednesday May 6th at noon and learn how applying lean techniques with iterative, continuous improvement can help standardize and improve your data management processes! With the tens of thousands of people that pass by our booth each year, it still amazes me that so many have never heard of Winshuttle. Well, we want you to meet us and know us, so join us in booth #358 and see us in person!  Secure an appointment with us at the conference today, and learn why Winshuttle’s lean data management system is the quickest path to better SAP Master Data. Check out our Infographic below on some other fun facts to get you excited for SAPPHIRE NOW!


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Jennifer Hwang

Jennifer Hwang is a software consultant and business process analyst with 20+ years of experience implementing and optimizing various technical solutions. As a Solutions Engineer for Winshuttle, with 13 years of Winshuttle consulting expertise, she ensures customer success by being their trusted technical advisor.

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