More reasons to attend Winshuttle User Group meeting

By Vishal Chalana on Jul 26, 2011

While I was reading this blog by Clinton Jones, I realized another side of attending the WUG! Earlier this year a bunch of us from Winshuttle Engineering Team were attending WUG at London. I observed something amazing there – engineers were interacting with customer with so much enthusiasm that it looked like they are working on a complex engineering problem. After thinking for a while I realized the reason for this. When you see your product being used by so many successful users, it is a great feeling. When an engineer sees a feature that he/she added to a product being used in the real world and users getting benefited by that, it feels awesome. That WUG was followed by two days of heavy discussions around our product roadmap. This is helping us make our products much better.

So, here’s another reason why you should consider attending the Chicago WUG in October 2011 – talk to the team who envision, design and develop some of the coolest enterprise products. And in the process help us solve your problems more efficiently and smartly.

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