Reasons to Upgrade Studio

By Shelby Murrell on Jan 17, 2020

When it comes to upgrading your Winshuttle software to Studio 12, there are many useful as well as exciting reasons to do so. When you think of upgrading, you should be envisioning enhanced functionality along with bug fixes and new features (and who doesn’t want new features?). Upgrading is not a task or chore that should be feared. When it comes to Studio, no matter your license type, upgrading to Studio should be seamless.

New features in Studio 12 include:

  • Single application installer vs multiple separated module installers
  • More flexible If conditions
  • Ability to chain Transaction scripts with Query Scripts
  • Embed Excel formulas
  • Flatten BAPI structure
  • Support for SAP F4 lookup values in Direct
  • Use conversion exists in Query
With the single installer, you no longer need to search endlessly for what specific license you have or someone provided you. You can now manage all scripts from one application and the days of confusion are no more. Also, with the new combined suite Direct no longer needs to be imported into Transaction.
If conditions are very useful when it comes to telling SAP when you want it to execute specific actions related to data etc. In Studio, we have introduced more flexible If conditions from the create condition screen. Many of these additions were with the help of our customers, who’s suggestions have now come to life. When using the If – Else conditions, we are now able to support multiple scenarios in Studio 12. Lastly, you can now use Nested If Conditions in your scripts.
Have you ever needed to use Query to pull data out, then use a Transaction script to read that data, make changes and/or add or delete? Well look no further, Studio 12 has the answer! With 12, you can now chain scripts not only within the same module but also in a different module. Improved chain management has also been introduced. You can easily manage and configure each script in your chain to run the same or differently in relation to what settings and data file may need to be used.
Using Excel formulas has been a very useful option for scripts. In Studio 12 you can now build Transform Rules directly into your script mapping. Using the Transform Rule button from either Basic or Expert view, you will see a pop up that allows you to enter in your formula. You can also tell it what column and row you want this to be evaluated. Using calculated values is also a new feature in Studio 12.

Environment Support is a very important part in any Upgrade path. With Studio 12, there are plenty of ways this version has improved and become up to speed with ever changing patches and updates across 3rd party applications. Some of the highlighted points are compatibility with SAP GUI 750, S4 HANA, and improved capabilities with OS and Microsoft Office.

Creating an upgrade plan is essential to the process. There are at minimum 5 points you will want to incorporate into your upgrade:

  1. Plan
  2. Execute
  3. Test
  4. Train
  5. Support

To learn more about all the benefits of upgrading to the latest version of Studio, watch “The Ultimate How-To Guide for Studio Upgrades.” In addition, Winshuttle has created a helpful step by step guide which uses the above points and helps provide a deeper look into your future upgrade path.

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Shelby Murrell

Shelby is a Senior Support Analyst at Winshuttle, specializing in complex scripting issues against SAP. Her ultimate goal is to help educate customers and make sure they are getting the best use out of the Winshuttle. She works in conjunction with the Winshuttle Product team to ensure productivity and seamless usage. Shelby currently resides in the Pacific Northwest.

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