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By Vishal Chalana on Dec 10, 2010

This past week was the campus recruitment week for us at Winshuttle Labs. As always, we hire from the best engineering schools in India. This week we were at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi and IIT Roorkee. Both of these institutes are among top 5 engineering schools of the country. Portrait of a two middle aged business women with their blur team at a seminar

A total of 80 engineers applied for our positions. After 2 rounds of written exams which included an aptitude test and a programming test, we selected 12 candidates for interviews. After that, there were multiple rounds of technical interviews consisting of varying degrees of logical, analytical, and programming skill testing. Finally, we hired 3 candidates from both schools.

An interesting aspect of campus hiring is competing with different kinds of companies. It is amazing to see how many finance and banking companies hire from IIT campuses these days. Apart from usual biggies – Microsoft, Google, Amazon – this year, there was a very new player – Facebook. Obviously, every student aspires to work for these big brands, but there are pros and cons of working with them.

We have now been hiring continuously from these schools and have built our own brand. We are seen as a cool, enterprise product company to work with. Being small, we are able to give a great, open culture to people. We give them freedom to be innovative and do things their way. Very quickly, these fresh graduates start doing production level stuff, working on some of the most complex enterprise problems. And they love it! We intend to keep pushing this kind of culture and making Winshuttle Labs one of the best places to work!

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