RPA for SAP and Other Insights from SAP Financials 2018

By Kristen Mery on Mar 8, 2018

SAP Financials

After returning from the SAP Insider Financials show in Las Vegas, my wallet may be a few dollars lighter (I guess that’s why they call it craps), but my mind is filled with new ideas on how to improve SAP processes in finance. Although I may have left Las Vegas on the losing side, the real winners from the conference were Winshuttle customers from Aecon who led a session on how they are successfully automating their finance processes with RPA for SAP.

Their session was really the highlight of the conference for me, so I thought I’d share some highlights:


 Beth Cartlidge, the VP of Shared Services at Aecon, and James Bona, the manager of Business Analysis joined the panel to discuss how they are using Winshuttle within their Shared Services department. It all started when Beth joined Aecon and saw what a mess the processes in Shared Services were. They were decentralized, had 90 people across Canada, were experiencing billing delays of at least 30 days, and had a backlog of over 15,000 AP invoices – there were literally piles of invoices stacked in the office. Having used Winshuttle at a past company, Beth introduced the tool to Aecon to automate all areas within the Shared Services organization. Having transitioned away from administrative tasks, the Shared Services team was able to reduce headcount by 18 associates through natural attrition and the transition of key talent into more strategic roles. All of the processes are now refined and automated, and their AP backlog of 15,000 invoices has been reduced to just a standard daily queue. Talk about improvement!

My favorite part was when Beth shared that “Winshuttle is one of our top executive initiatives to save the company money.”

James then shared some more details on how they are specifically using Winshuttle within the organization. They’re seeing major time savings by automating:

  • AP: Invoice entries
  • Billing: Invoice extracts
  • Payroll: Hire Forms, Master Data Changes, Terminations
  • AR: Customer Master Data Changes, Cash Application
  • Taxation: Reporting
  • Finance: Mass Clearing

Learn how other industry leaders are using Winshuttle’s RPA for SAP solution to streamline processes across the finance and shares services organization in this webinar.

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