Salesforce Hack: How to Improve Salesforce Data Management

By Clinton Jones on Jun 4, 2015

productivity doodles smallHave you been looking for a solution to improve your Salesforce data management? The good news is there is likely an easier method than the one you’re using, and it leverages the power of tools and capabilities present on nearly every desktop office computer!

The first part of the solution is something you’re already familiar with; Microsoft Excel. Supporting up to a million rows of data per worksheet, the latest versions of Microsoft Excel have really surpassed many of the previous limitations that made Excel an unreliable method for staging, cleaning and preparing data for final upload to any given system of record.

With the introduction of Winshuttle for Salesforce, the ease with which Salesforce users and administrators can create and change data has grown exponentially. sf logo

As is the case for users of any ERP system, the best Salesforce installation is one that has the most detailed, comprehensive and correct data sets. Data that is comprehensive and ostensibly correct can only be created and maintained in Salesforce with effective tools and a holistic approach to data management. With this in mind, Winshuttle has developed Winshuttle for Salesforce as a tool in the Lean Data Management arsenal for data governance and management.

While there are free and budget tools available in the marketplace for performing mass data creation and upsert and retrieval actions, the majority of these tools do not work directly with Excel data, nor is data validation really possible using these tools. Data is either successfully created or changed – or it isn’t.  From a data management lifecycle perspective, free and budget tools fail to meet the necessary rigor that enterprise solutions are expected to deliver.

Using Winshuttle for Salesforce, not only is the integration scenario quick and easy to define, but it is also portable and has a standardized data template that can be delivered to non technical users to utilize with their own data in Salesforce.

Winshuttle for Salesforce is available as an add-on for existing Winshuttle Studio customers who work with SAP, and can be obtained on a perpetual or subscription license. This product comes with a responsive and contemporary UI for Windows users.

To review the look and feel of Winshuttle for Salesforce, and learn how you can easily improve data quality by leveraging Excel and Winshuttle, register for the upcoming webinar 3 Steps to Salesforce Data Quality Improvement June 18th.

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