How SAP Customers Can Benefit From Robotic Process Automation

By Winshuttle Staff Blogger on Feb 15, 2017

robotic process automationRobotic Process Automation (RPA) is trendy and appealing, but there are some misunderstandings about what it is and why SAP customers should be examining it more carefully.

RPA is all about automating repetitive activities to make them faster and less labor-intensive, while producing higher quality data. Automating processes with a robot is common across all transactional business processes including finance transaction processing and personnel and customer related activities. Common areas that have seen success include payroll, accounts payable, employee action and customer service.

One area robotic process automation has been historically applied in SAP environments is around document imaging. This involves converting a paper document into something digital, working out the text and content with optical character recognition, and then rendering the information in a system that can be routed appropriately through the organization for review, consideration and approval.

Winshuttle is non prescriptive when it comes to RPA scenarios. Several Winshuttle customers have deployed Winshuttle automation scripts for areas in Sales & Distribution (SD), Supply Chain (SCM), and Human Capital Management (HCM) with some of the leading robot technology vendors. In these scenarios, robot technologies provide many configurable variables with typing (length, text, number, date, list of values), and many action groups (email/FTP/Excel/Clipboard), error management and other characteristics.

A prominent global shared services provider who supports many lines of business and functional areas, recently used a robot provider’s technology with Winshuttle to create fast, robust process automation without needing to create static bridges between systems. They were able to securely reduce the amount of time that end-users spent on low value, mundane tasks. As a result of the implementation, they improved data quality and throughput which set them on a trajectory to expand their offerings to new and existing customers without having to add exponential manpower.

Learn more about how you can execute a  Winshuttle script programmatically by reviewing resources in the Winshuttle help center, or learn more about out-of-the-box capabilities of Studio and the Windows scheduler for both SAP queries and SAP transaction recordings by watching this demo.

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