SAP Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Costing challenges alleviated with Winshuttle solutions

By Winshuttle Staff Blogger on Jun 16, 2011

I have just returned from the SAP Insider Financials HR and GRC conference in Amsterdam and as usual there were a number of interesting conversations with a variety of different customers and prospects using a wide array of SAP-based solutions.

Most interesting to me on this particular occasion, was the number of people that spoke about costing and asset management as being areas that continued to be a particular challenge in terms of the volumes of data maintenance activities.

These sentiments are of course frequently borne out in the Business Value Assessment (BVA) exercise that Winshuttle facilitates; however, it was interesting to discover that for some companies the challenges revolve around asset creation and for others it is around asset allocation, reallocation or disposal.

A lot of the asset data related activities all depend on the specific nature of the business, whether one engages in joint ventures, an aggressive acquisition or divestiture program or simply organic growth. A quick look at some of the classic EAM transactions in SAP reveals codes like FMBBC, AS*, KP*, KS*, CP* and CJ*.

The good news is that the multi faceted characteristic of Winshuttle Transaction being able to record in a variety of different modes (batch, non-batch (call transaction) and gui-scripting), means that automations can be relatively easily created for these and many other SAP transactions from Microsoft Excel and even Microsoft Access and in the upcoming 10.2 release; Google docs Spreadsheets and Microsoft Office 365.

When you consider the extended use of Transaction and Query with Central, Server and web services published by Transaction on Winshuttle Server as wsdls; the world of EAM and finance data processing in SAP expands even further into the enterprise to deliver increased ROI.

Through the deployment of simple transaction recordings like KP06 you have the ability with Transaction and Server, to make the complex world of SAP available to a wider audience of users in a more restricted and simplified way without having to change your SAP configuration or security model.

In fact, through the use of Winshuttle Forms together with Winshuttle Workflow, you now have the ability to construct complex approval workflows natively in Winshuttle forms and Microsoft Excel before you even touch SAP thereby making the overall experience for novice users easy and understandable.

This multi-layered approach also assists in ensuring that your gatekeepers and guardians of your SAP data are always in control but are assisted by the many hands of data contributors elsewhere in your organization.

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