SAP GUI 730 and Winshuttle compatibility

By Winshuttle Staff Blogger on Nov 27, 2012

SAP GUI 7.20 drops out of mainstream support in April 2013. SAP GUI 7.30 has been available to SAP Customers since June of this year. The following high level attributes of this release are :

Corbu Design: This design comes with a reduced contrast when compared to SAP Signature Design and improves the integration of SAP GUI into other SAP components like NWBC which also offer Corbu Designs.

Signature Color Themes: New color themes can be applied system and client specific: Users are enabled to easily select different Signature color themes for test, development or productive systems and clients etc. This leads to a clear overview over the system landscape.

Branding Area: A company specific logo (corporate branding, product branding) can be embedded into the top right corner of the SAP screen. This new branding area will help administrators to generate additional corporate communication and corporate identity. It can be used in SAP Signature Design and in Corbu Design.

Floating Docking Containers: Docking containers can be positioned individually by end users. Dragging the container with the mouse to north, west, east or south positions helps adjusting the screen layout for individual needs.

Personalized TAB Order: Users can define their own TAB order within SAP screens. The new TAB order allows users to jump to the next screen element of interest. Screen elements not included in the TAB order can still be accessed by mouse clicks.

System Comments in SAP Logon: In SAP Logon users can add system specific notes or information. This new edit area will help users to manage and comment the system landscape.

SNC indication icon in the status bar: A small icon in the SAP GUI status bar indicates whether the connection between SAP GUI and application server is secured (SNC is activated) or not.

From a Winshuttle perspective we have tested v10.4 of Winshuttle Transaction against the following scenarios.

Our engineering group covered all the recording modes i.e. Batch, NB with and without controls and GUI scripting with SAP GUI 7.30.

We used the “SAP Signature Theme” for recording and running these T-codes/scripts with the below security settings.

An up-to-date list of new features is available in SAP note 1670678.

More detailed information on the lifecycle of SAP GUI can be found in SAP note 147519.

Visit for the latest information on the SAP GUI family for Windows

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