SAP Order to Cash (O2C) process innovations – observations from the field…

By Winshuttle Staff Blogger on Aug 18, 2011

Recently we conducted a several hundred interviews and surveys with our customers. And what was interesting as it related to SAP’s Order to Cash (O2C) process was the variety of ways that our clients have used Winshuttle to develop innovative solutions for optimizing SAP Order to Cash business processes. Thought I would share with you some of those highlights.

In the area of SAP Data Entry (e.g. VA21 – sales quotation creation, VA01 sales order creation, VL01N delivery creation, VF01 billing invoice creation and F-28 posting incoming payments), broad reaches of customers are using Winshuttle’s capability for easy form and workflow creation to provide simple data entry forms either deploying in the SharePoint InfoPath environment or leveraging Microsoft Excel’s form environment. The key benefit is learnability and overall ease of use – thus enhanced SAP system satisfaction especially for those infrequent and low volume data entry situations.

Of course, many customers leverage the Winshuttle traditional use case of managing SAP Data Maintenance in the O2C world. (e.g. VA22 change quotation, VA02, VL02N, VF02). Routine SAP Order to Cash (O2C) data maintenance tasks such as quotation, sales order, delivery and billing data maintenance are easily executed with Winshuttle’s advanced SAP transaction programming capabilities.

We are also starting to see a lot of data extraction or as we fondly refer to it “Round Tripping” (e. g. VA23, VA03, VL03N, VF03). Our clients streamline SAP O2C data extraction tasks such as display quotation, sales order, delivery and billing reports for sales support customer service representatives leveraging Winshuttle’s advanced transaction and query solutions. They then use their Excel spreadsheet to update data and then ’round-trip’ it back to SAP using a linked script – for example, doing a VA03 to look up sales order information, pull the data, update the data in Excel and then ‘ship it back’ to SAP using a VA02 script.

A couple of other use cases for Order to Cash include data integration (e.g. Quotation Generation Systems, Payment Remittance Systems, Shipping/Delivery Systems – export to Excel – use to generate order to delivery ) where Winshuttle’s data validation facilities securely automate 3rd party data integration processes such as posting incoming payments or processing sales quotations from third party systems into (and out of) SAP O2C business modules. Data Migration (e.g. Legacy System migration to SAP O2C) is where our clients migrate or even upgrade legacy Order to Cash data and processes from earlier versions of SAP O2C while ensuring high quality data management.

Finally, a big O2C use case we heard about was in testing O2C data (e.g. customers, orders, billings, invoices, payments) & processes in SAP testbeds BEFORE deploying in a production environment. Winshuttle makes it super easy for business people to test data – which when you think about it – who knows their data better than the person responsible for it?

Stay tuned for our next blog where we will cover Hire to Retire…

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