SAP Product Data – It’s more than just materials

By Kristen Mery on Apr 25, 2019

If you’re running your manufacturing operations using an SAP ERP system you know there’s a mountain of master data behind each product.

But it’s more than just materials. And while materials are the largest and most complex data object involved in manufacturing, is not the only data you need to create and manage—far from it. Depending on whether your materials are made or bought, you’ll also need data like BoMs, routings & recipes, vendors, source lists, costings, pricing conditions, etc.

Typical SAP data objects in the manufacturing process

Creating and maintaining all that data is a real challenge for many large manufacturers where manual, error-prone processes are still commonplace—slowing down business and causing costly downstream errors—a situation that is no longer acceptable in an increasingly competitive, fast-paced marketplace.

As we investigated this process with several manufacturing organizations, time and time again the top 3 challenges that emerged were:

  1. Creating and maintaining masses of product data
  2. Slow, manual, product launch processes
  3. Poor product data quality and costly downstream errors

We published an eBook with our findings that dives into each of these three challenges and provides practical tips you can implement today. Plus, some real-world examples of the results you can achieve.

“With Winshuttle, we can accomplish the same task much more rapidly. That means getting to market faster—and that’s a massive benefit for us.”

Director of Business Applications

Pharmascience Inc.

Download the eBook to read more.

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