SAP and Salesforce Integration – There’s now an easier way

By Bernard Haddad on Apr 1, 2014

We’ve noticed more SAP customers are choosing Salesforce to both improve their sales follow-up activities and better inform their sales managers of their results and forecasts.

In addition to managing sales efforts, Salesforce offers quite a few customer service features, which flags when follow-up is required. In these situations, after the action is updated in Salesforce, SAP has to either fulfill an order for material replacement, or issue a credit note. Both engines have to exchange data and their consistency is essential. Of course a shipping address entered in Salesforce has to be replicated without error to SAP in order for the materials to be delivered to intended address.

Challenges with Salesforce and SAP Integration

Challenges with Salesforce and SAP Integration

However, these two software providers are very different, and much of the data entered in Salesforce have to be understood and verified before being correctly entered in SAP. This is usually very difficult process because several employees are involved, and often they do not speak the same “software language”, nor do they have the same agenda.  Due to these complications it is easy to create major errors including double entries and delays.

Introducing Winshuttle for Salesforce

Winshuttle has a proven track record of offering simple solutions to complex problems and our solutions for Salesforce and SAP integration (currently in beta) are no exception.

Winshuttle provides a platform to allow an exchange of data between Salesforce users and SAP users!

One common use case is related to events occurring in Salesforce, such as an opportunity being closed and won. Once this occurs, the account data needs to be transferred to SAP. However, before it’s entered, the account needs to go through a data process, including being verified by a manager, the customer creation has to be approved by the customer administration department, and credit and finance information needs to be added by other finance departments.

The Winshuttle for Salesforce solution will aide this process by extracting data triggered by Salesforce and starting a Winshuttle workflow in SAP. From this workflow a Winshuttle for SAP web-service will allow a quick and safe SAP customer creation. Next the Salesforce data is modified during the workflow tasks and the SAP customer number will be sent to update back to Salesforce via a Winshuttle for Salesforce web service.

In my next post I will provide a video and commentary describing this process in greater detail.

If your company is using both SAP and Salesforce, we welcome you to become an early adopter of the Winshuttle for Salesforce solution:

  • We’ll walk you through how Winshuttle can improve your process
  • We’ll help you implement this solution in a specific use case
  • You’ll have the opportunity to receive consultancy based on your specific needs

If you are interested, please send an email to or contact your account executive. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Winshuttle for Salesforce and SAP integration diagram

Winshuttle for Salesforce and SAP integration diagram

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