By Winshuttle Staff Blogger on Jun 4, 2014

It’s the morning of day two at SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando, and I am overwhelmed by the sheer mass of people flocking to the exhibition aisles. As a newbie to this annual event, I now understand what all of the fuss is about. The global SAP ecosystem takes a few days to descend on the city of Orlando as if on a pilgrimage. This is the best place to discover the latest technologies and the best ideas out there, to bring some magic back to your company.

With an estimated 20,000 people in attendance, I find myself asking as many as I can the same question: “What’s your reason for being here?” While I wait in anticipation for their answer, I wonder if we share the same reason. I reflect on my growing list of takeaways from the event.

It’s almost as if the multiple facets of this conference (cloud, mobility, HANA, big data, XAAS), combined with the accommodating environment, leave one with an indoctrinated view of what the latest and greatest are. Once the dust settled yesterday, I grabbed a moment to reflect on my discussions with attendees. I realize that their common challenges are fairly simple to overcome and I come to the conclusion that we are here for the same reason.

I was chatting with a CIO of a Middle Eastern business yesterday who expressed frustration with their newly implemented ERP system in their purchasing department. He was looking for ways to introduce process flexibility and agility. A master data head of a US company was describing the challenges they have with routing data requests through workflow processes on SharePoint and then having to manually type data into SAP at the end of the process. In addition, three prospective partners approached me to discuss ways in which they could utilize Winshuttle’s no-programming platform to plug the gap in their suite of toolkits for their multi-industry SAP customer base.

Team at SAPPHIREWhen my colleagues delivered live demos of our products, most of the delegates had the same “Ah ha” moment. While viewing our solutions, they can see how allowing business users to streamline their SAP operations without compromising on security and control, will dramatically increase the speed of processes and eliminate errors.

If you are attending SAPPHIRE NOW, join us for our cocktail party today at 3:30PM in booth 239. Enjoy a beer or a glass of champagne and catch a demo of our new forms designer product, Composer.

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