By Kristen Mery on May 18, 2015

BrushyAfter returning from the much anticipated SAP event of the year SAPPHIRE NOW, everyone is inspired and energized to take what they’ve learned and move their businesses forward.  This was my 8th SAPPHIRE conference and each year there are new buzzwords that form the overarching themes of the week. This year’s focus really resonated with what we do at Winshuttle:

Simple. Data-Driven. Seamless. Teamwork

In SAP CEO Bill McDermott’s keynote, he outlined the customer-centric vision behind the core of SAP’s Run Simple methodology: helping businesses run simple as one seamless “intelligent body” in an increasingly complex world. Naturally, he highlighted SAP customers embracing the “simple” methodology. We were thrilled to see that many of the companies highlighted and honored throughout the conference were Winshuttle customers too.

  • Under Armour was featured in McDermott’s keynote along with a live demo to illustrate how companies are partnering with SAP to reach transformational outcomes.
  • ConAgra Foods won the HANA Innovation Award for their journey of total margin management; being able to analyze and simulate cost of goods, giving visibility to the business users to take action, and therefore enabling profit optimization.
  • Rockwell Automation won the ASUG Infinity Award for harnessing the power of SAP technology to help pave new paths for their business, and continually sharing what they have learned through the SAP journey. They continue to leverage bold ideas, big vision, and the power of the ASUG network.

We were extremely honored at Winshuttle to also receive the ASUG Infinity Award, celebrating an affiliate company that exemplifies the best in the SAP ecosystem, and believes in the power of SAP technology to pave the path for its customers.

Flashback to our first SAPPHIRE 10 years ago – our two founders made their way to the show floor, but the booth didn’t! Being resourceful as they are, they turned it into a worthwhile event, and were able to learn and grow to become the company we are today.

Alot has evolved over the years, but one thing that hasn’t changed is Brushy – our iconic keyboard brush mascot. This year Brushy was more popular than ever. We brought over 2,000 brushies with us and ran out before the conference was even over!

Brushy is really the ultimate “booth babe” – People are drawn to our booth by his cuteness and mystique (we’re always answering the question: “What is that thing?”). One customer even stopped by our booth to ask for a Brushy to accompany her on vacation so she could take pictures with it – she also shared that her vacation wouldn’t have been possible without Winshuttle.

That was my second favorite quote of the conference.  My favorite was from another booth visitor:

“This [Winshuttle] is the best thing I’ve seen at this conference!”

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