Shadow IT VLOG: TTI Empowers Business Analysts to Redefine Shadow IT

By Winshuttle Staff Blogger on May 10, 2016

Shadow IT is often a hushed topic that doesn’t sit well with IT professionals, and can build distrust with the business. In order to move forward, companies must find a way to empower the business to take ownership and control of their business problems, without compromising security or governance. In this VLOG,  our Shadow IT social media contest winner, Farah Naïli, a Master Data Analyst of TTI, describes how she was able to lighten the burden on her IT department without compromising security or governance, and diversify her role in the business by redefining shadow IT.

We had one SAP specialist for the SAP material master that had to upload all data into the system, which would take a wait of three to five days per request. With Winshuttle that same script is uploaded in seconds. – Farah Naïli


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It really changed the way that we’re seen by the company from the inside, we’re not just the group that was there to create materials and keep everything clean, we’re the group that’s literally a backup to IT.

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