SharePoint Conference 2014 Takeaways

By Winshuttle Staff Blogger on Mar 4, 2014

After the close of first day of this year’s SharePoint Conference I’d like to share my key takeaways.  The key themes of the conference are altering the way we work together to ensure we maximize our efforts.

As Bill Clinton, the keynote speaker, took the stage, I assumed he would be speaking about his work at Clinton Foundation. During his speech, people around me could be heard speculating as to whether Mr. Clinton would somehow talk about his SharePoint experience. Even the Winshuttle crew we joked “I want to know what Bill Clinton knows about SharePoint, whether he uses it, and what are his favorite and most frustrating features to use.”  Instead of SharePoint, Clinton’s excellent talk focused on the global community. He highlighted that as technologists, we need to focus more on how we can improve both how we work, and how we can work together for those in need.

In addition to Clinton, the keynote also included speeches from SharePoint GM, Jared Spataro, and CVP, Jeff Teper. Spataro focused on four primary themes on altering the way we work:

  • Working as a network: there is a  need to complete work in ways that are similar to the way we consume content and information in our personal lives. It makes since to use the tools and devices that we are comfortable using on a daily basis.
  • Personalized insights: It is vital to leverage big data, machine learning, and the social fabric to  learn more about our business in increasingly dynamic ways.
  • Power of an open platform and healthy ecosystem: Everywhere you turn these days, Microsoft is talking about more support for open standards, using the tools and standards that your team is comfortable in working with. For example, the new Android SDK was announced for helping to develop Windows and Windows Phone devices.
  • Empowering People: It’s ideal for companies to empower their workers to work across devices and nearly anywhere in the world. The biggest gap for many companies is to comply with governance, security and standards. This is one of the largest opportunities for Microsoft partners to help meet the needs of the enterprise.
Oslo shows “insights” and interactions between colleagues.

Oslo shows “insights” and interactions between colleagues.

Spartaro also introduced the Office Graph, Microsoft’s path toward integrating cloud, social, big data, and mobile into a consumable, extensible capability that partners and customers can easily use.

In a separate session, Christophe Fiessinger’s session, dove deeper into this topic. He introduced the new interface of the project code named Oslo, which utilizes Office Graph to present powerful, real-time synopsis of the data. When Oslo is completed, the result will be very important to the end-user using a Flipboard/Pinterest-meets-Live Tiles-style interface!

Eric SPCI’ve been impressed with some of the announcements Microsoft has made and looking forward to day two! I’d love to hear your thoughts, please tweet me at @esmoore01.

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