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By Winshuttle Staff Blogger on Jul 9, 2012

Are your work days “busy” but the things you need to get done aren’t getting done? Do you leave work every day with more work to do than when you arrived in the morning? Although this sounds like opening lines for a motivational speaker seminar or an infomercial, I found out how ageless and pervasive the problem was when I asked my daughter to clean her room. The room cleaning order came with both the “work hard rule” and “no-goofing around warning”. After two hours, I returned to a room that looked worse than when she started. She claimed she was busy the entire two hours, but didn’t get anything accomplished. We all struggle to get though our “busy” work (e-mail, task-list, meetings, expense reports/approvals) so we can start the important things. The following is a great list of books, tools that I’ve found helpful to tame the “busy” work beast. These classic business books always help push me in the right direction – they are worth a read or reread: Frustrated businesswoman with a laptop in front of her - isolated on white

The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity

Also, here are some web-sites, tools and applications that I’ve found useful to combat busy work:





The curse of “busy” work is alive in the SAP world. Administrators, analysts and users are so busy that they can’t make the functional and technical improvements they’d like too. The cool thing about Winshuttle products is that it can both reduce “busy” work and provide a platform to get things done. There are many example of how Winshuttle provides quick wins against SAP busy work, the following white paper provides a few examples: 10 Ways Excel Drives More Value from your SAP Investment

Using the momentum from the quick wins obtained using Winshuttle and Excel to conquer busy work can be turned into strategic functional improvements. These strategic improvements are gained using Winshuttle to connect SAP with SharePoint. This provides a more flexible way to improve your SAP related processes. The following webinar outlines how Winshuttle and SharePoint help accomplish this: SAP Master Data Innovation with Winshuttle and SharePoint

It is time to stop being “busy” and get some things accomplished. Good Luck.

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