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By Winshuttle Staff Blogger on May 11, 2011

Global organizations seek to simplify and standardize common business processes in an effort to reduce risk, optimize the use of resources and ensure consistency. IT administration, data management, and transactional processing are crucial functions of any global organization and a single view of the company is a likely and frequent vision for stakeholders.

Winshuttle Central provides the capability to add the essential governance platform to IT administration, data management and transactional processing tasks. This begins with Central’s ability to act as an online, centralized repository of all data upload and data extraction scripts, data templates, online forms and processed data sheets. By providing this repository to global users, relevant resources can be accessed without delay.

The SharePoint-based workflow capability within Central allows script and data files to be sent through an approval process before they can impact any operational SAP systems. Transparency is ensured by providing a complete workflow history for each script or data file. Processes are also standardized by ensuring that the relevant data contributors and approvers can be assigned to workflow tasks as required. This also ensures that the accuracy of data can be preserved.

Central contributes to global efficiency by allowing restriction policies to be maintained. These policies control which users are able to process transaction codes at specified times, also placing restrictions on high volume data loads and aiding effective hardware resource allocation. Through the inclusion of Winshuttle Server, approved data files can be automatically posted to SAP and high volume data loads and extractions can be scheduled more effectively.

Global organizations can empower the user community by introducing easy-to-implement online forms. Winshuttle scripts are easily published and hosted as web services, to be consumed by form designer tools. Winshuttle Forms integration allows easy creation of online forms to query and update SAP systems. Central users are able to perform a series of self-service tasks, including employee information updates and SAP password and default setting adjustments, as well as regular data updates such as customer or material information changes, order capturing and querying existing business documents. By empowering the everyday user, shared service operations can allocate time and resources to more important or escalated tasks.

The governance platform offered by Central is enhanced by centralized license management and user mapping capabilities, as well as the centralized audit and reporting features. This allows for global visibility of processed scripts, processing durations and full-time employee days saved by using Winshuttle to automate SAP data updates.

Overall, Winshuttle Central is an essential addition to any global operation eager to control, standardize, and optimize SAP upload and SAP download processes, while maintaining data accuracy, system efficiency, and global transparency.

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