Take Back the Reigns of Your Salesforce Data Management

By Clinton Jones on Jun 15, 2015

The best way to attract and retain customers is to have a good understanding of the customers’ characteristics – without this, how can you properly service them?

If you’re incurring a monthly fee to maintain important details of your customers and how you are interacting with them, then the data in that system should be as accurate and as up to date as possible.

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“dirty data” or poor data quality is an  often-overlooked business issue and can have a large negative impact on a business. – Gartner Research Vice President Andreas Bitterer

 With any system of record, a CRM solution like Salesforce has the same data challenges that your ERP, order entry, logistics and procurement systems experience.

However, ensuring consistency across all your systems is difficult.

You can invest in heavy duty IT based integration, but this is often only as good as the last time the integration was reviewed and revised.

With the passage of time, the level of integration may fall out of exact synchronization with your other systems and more importantly, if your CRM system feeds the data to other systems downstream, then you’ll need to close the loop on data management tasks in your CRM anyway.

It’s estimated that at any point in time, as much as 25% of your customer data could be bad, out of date or incomplete. It is also estimated that your customer data deteriorates at a rate of around 2.1% per month. Over a period of 12 months, your customer data could deteriorate as much as 25%!

According to Gartner1, bad data is the number one reason that CRM projects are determined to be a failure.

The consequences can be expensive. Poor quality customer data has a compounding effect and can negatively influence many aspects of not only the sales cycle, but also fulfillment, billing and support.

When you’ve made a large investment, the last problem you want to encounter is inaccurate information.

Accurate customer data assurance is not an easy objective to accomplish. Customer data is a dynamically ever-changing thing. Contacts change within companies, companies merge or divest and employees change roles. Customers also have evolving product and service needs and as a result, customers expect service and product providers to deliver personalized service and offerings.

To anticipate and manage the customers’ needs and expectations, your sales, support and service teams need to have access to a unified, real-time view of the customer in Salesforce.

To achieve this objective, organizations must adopt an aggressive Salesforce data management approach which not only reviews basic contact information and ensures it is up to date, but also allows agile and timely maintenance of data in your system.

Did you know Winshuttle uses Winshuttle?

Winshuttle utilizes its own product for a variety of data management activities in Salesforce including associating leads, performing mass maintenance on customer accounts and even knowledge management activities.

More importantly, Winshuttle feels that businesses can benefit immensely from an approach to Salesforce data management that removes the dependence and responsibility of data maintenance tasks and reporting from scarce Salesforce Administrators.

Winshuttle for Salesforce uniquely enables business users in the field to work with Salesforce interactively, retrieving, transforming and updating customer and personal data from the ease and comfort of Microsoft Excel.

With Winshuttle for Salesforce, you can literally put the big C back into customers!

Learn more about how your business can leverage the advantages of lean data management with Winshuttle, Excel and Salesforce by attending our 3 Steps to Salesforce Data Quality Improvement webinar!

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