The 3 Modules of Winshuttle Studio

By Maria Simpson on Dec 21, 2020

What is Winshuttle Studio?

I’m glad you asked. Before we dive into the details, let’s look at what this blog will cover:

As a bonus, I’ll also touch on the following:

Now, back to the first question.

What is Winshuttle Studio?

Well, it’s a suite of powerful data management tools used to update SAP. With Studio you can easily create, extract, and transform SAP data from familiar applications you’re already using. You can automate complex SAP business processes without programming, where you will save time and improve data quality by reducing manual data entry. Studio allows you to quickly deploy data integration templates for Excel, Access, or web services to interact with SAP data. It streamlines SAP batch data management processes, such as mass record creation or change. You can streamline data migrations and conversions and you can easily create real-time SAP data extractions and reports.

What can you do with Winshuttle Studio?

So much! While the list can go on, here are some major use cases:

  • Mass data creation – Create new master data (materials, vendors, customers, etc.) or transactional data (journal entries, invoices, BOMs, etc.) in SAP systems.
  • Mass data maintenance and transformation – Mass changes to SAP data for master data (material, vendors, customers, etc.) or transactional data (purchase orders, pricing, sales orders, etc.).
  • Data migration – Loading data from legacy systems into SAP during initial SAP implementation or M&A activity. A popular use case is migrating data from ECC to S/4HANA.

With Winshuttle, we were able to significantly improve our data quality during the migration to S/4HANA and, thus, our productivity. The solution is intuitive and easy to use, so we don't rely on service providers and have flexibility to react to changes faster.

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Imperial Logistics

What is Winshuttle Transaction?

It’s my favorite module of Winshuttle Studio and it’s loved by many Winshuttle users.

It allows non-technical script authors to record steps for an SAP transaction data create or change activity and map the relevant SAP fields to cells or columns in an Excel spreadsheet. Mapping SAP fields to Excel enables you to create a reusable Excel template that can be distributed to a broader selection of limited users so they can push and pull Excel data to and from SAP.

In other words:

  • Automate SAP transaction codes in 3 easy steps (record, map, run, so easy!)
  • Drag and drop SAP fields to Excel templates (auto map also available)
  • Improve SAP data quality and accuracy (major benefits!)

Why is Transaction loved by so many users?

That’s easy. The business loves it because they can automate SAP transaction codes quickly and efficiently without any programming. IT loves it because Transaction uses native SAP security and authorizations assigned to you to ensure compliance. And of course, IT can build their own automation scripts too.

Here are key data stewardship capabilities that make Transaction quite appealing:

  • Live SAP validation
  • Field standardization
  • Copy ‘like’ records
  • Easy required fields
  • Modifiable list of values
  • SAP F4 lookup from Excel

Do you want to see Winshuttle Transaction in action? Watch this 5 minute video.

What is Winshuttle Query?

It’s my second favorite module of Winshuttle Studio and again loved by many. Believe it or not, this module has caused tears of joy. No joke. True story.

Winshuttle Query is an SAP query and analysis tool that allows you to extract real-time data from SAP to familiar interfaces like Excel for ad-hoc reporting, allowing you to improve operational and strategic decision-making processes. Query allows you to ensure and maintain compliance through controlled access to data and tables that are permitted according to organizational-level and SAP authorizations.

Here are a few common use cases:

  • Data maintenance (extract the SAP data with Query and use Transaction to update it)
  • Ad-hoc reporting
  • Operational reports
  • SAP data validation

IT can find comfort in Winshuttle Query because it avoids the erosion of SAP performance by minimizing the effect that queries have on your SAP system. Winshuttle’s patented Adaptive Query Throttling™ technology dynamically optimizes the execution of Winshuttle queries, based on the existing load on the SAP system and configurable criteria.

Why would Query cause tears of joy?

Let me tell you why:

  • Real-time data
  • Ability to search for tables and joining tables
  • Automatic joins on primary key fields
  • Ability to join up to 25 tables
  • Conversion exits
  • Flexible criteria fields (equals, ranges, in, like, null, etc.)
  • Data transformation as the data is pulled
  • Ability to schedule a recurring job and receive an email notification

This list doesn’t even cover everything.

Do you want to see Winshuttle Query in action? Watch this 4 minute video.

What is Winshuttle Direct?

As you can probably guess, this is my third favorite module of Winshuttle Studio, but it’s also a hidden gem.

Direct allows you to manage SAP application data more efficiently by using BAPIs and RFMs to load, extract, or transform data. IT can relax knowing that access to BAPIs, RFMs, and corresponding Excel output is highly secure and isn’t available without valid SAP credentials and appropriate authorization. The business likes it because no ABAP programming skills are required. While it can be intimidating to use at first, once you use it and gain experience, I promise you it gets easier. You just need to dive in and try it.

So why is this module a hidden gem?

Direct can come to the rescue when a BAPI or RFM is needed or wanted instead of Transaction or Query. Here are a few reasons why:

  • The only option to record an SAP transaction requires GUI scripting and there is a requirement to run the script in cases where GUI scripting is not supported (from a Winshuttle server via scheduling or a web form)
  • There is no SAP transaction available to handle the requirements
  • Performance is a primary requirement
  • When there is no way to position on a grid, the complexity of automation is too difficult, or the SAP screens present a variable number of popup windows
  • Using a BAPI or RFM is a personal preference

Do you want to see Winshuttle Direct in action? Watch this 3 minute video.

What is Winshuttle Runner?

While this is a module of Winshuttle Studio, you won’t see an icon for it within the Studio application. This module is based on your Winshuttle license. With a Studio license you’re allowed to create and run scripts and data templates. With a Runner license you’re only allowed to run scripts and data templates. You won’t be able to create or modify scripts and templates, but you’ll still be able to create, extract, and transform SAP data in real-time through the Studio application or more commonly through the Winshuttle Excel add-in.

Runner enables you to improve efficiency by easily identifying errors, so you can quickly correct and reprocess your SAP data. It helps companies reduce training costs by enabling SAP business users to maintain SAP data through a familiar interface, without the risk of compromising data quality or SAP authorization security. With Runner you can enter and retrieve SAP data quicker than if you were using manual intervention and reduce or eliminate dependence on costly and slow-to-develop custom programs for SAP ERP systems.

Do you want to see Winshuttle Runner in action? Watch this 4 minute video.

How do you enhance Winshuttle Studio?

There are two primary ways of achieving this.

If you want to get centralized control and higher productivity for your Winshuttle Studio licenses, I invite you to explore Winshuttle Studio Manager.

If you want to take it a step further and use an automation platform that allows you to create no-code, low-code web forms and workflows or Excel files with workflows, I invite you to explore Winshuttle Evolve.


Thanks for joining me on this short journey through Winshuttle Studio!

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