The Top 10 Customer Master Data Challenges in SAP and How to Solve Them

By Jeanette Mifsud on Sep 24, 2019

Because Winshuttle empowers business teams to manage their data, we get to see firsthand how everyday data management and process automation challenges can impact organizations in big ways. Creating and updating SAP customer master data records is a good example of how slow, manual processes or poor-quality data can lead to delays in order processing or a host of other downstream problems.

The top ten Customer Master Data challenges that we typically see companies face include:

  1. Slow, manual create and update processes
  2. Duplicate customer records
  3. Lack of compliance with business procedures and rules
  4. Missing customer data
  5. Unstandardized, poor-quality data
  6. Managing different customer types
  7. No visibility into request status
  8. Providing audit trails in a timely fashion
  9. Measuring performance
  10. Disgruntled customers and internal sales teams and master data teams

Do any, or all of these, challenges sound familiar to you? If you’re charged with streamlining customer master processes or improving data quality, read our Top 10 Customer Master Data Challenges ebook to learn how you can build smart automation solutions with Winshuttle software—without needing SAP technical coding skills.

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